• Darrel Galera

Leadership By Design 3000 PLC Application

Application and Questionnaire

LEADERSHIP BY DESIGN 3000 is a new professional learning community focused on preparing new school administrators to become the next generation of empowered high performing school principals leading school transformation and innovation for Hawaii schools. Requirements include that you are presently serving as a school administrator in a vice principal position (or similar), that you aspire to become a school principal in the future, and that you will be committed to attending and participating in monthly forums or sessions.

The intention is for a long lasting professional learning community to span the multiple years that may be required for preparation to become a school principal. Completion and approval of a short and simple application is also required (see website provided above). There will be no cost for professional development, coaching, and mentoring support for the members of the first cohort. PLC focus areas will include instructional leadership, strengths based leadership, adaptive leadership, employee engagement, collective efficacy, assessment capable learners, and the preparation, application, and selection process for your first principalship. Individuals will have to cover the cost for neighbor island travel (if applicable). Plans are for the PLC to begin by the end of August 2020.

LEADERSHIP BY DESIGN 3000 is a community service from the Hawaii Center for Instructional Leadership.


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